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  1. Ashleigh permalink

    I remember hearing awhile back that L and L was adding a location, and for some reason i thought i saw or heard it was coming to the east coast of the U.S. is this true? because i would love to see it in the MD VA DC area! I love me some L and L!

  2. I’d love some L&L in Australia.

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  3. 3rd permalink

    how about a L&L in philippines we really need a good taste of lnl barbecue here

  4. Joceyln permalink

    We need one in Michigan!!!

  5. Kelly permalink

    We need Some in Florida.Jacksonville or Orlando.

  6. Christina Hansen permalink

    PLEASE BRING ONE TO FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One bite and I have been hooked for life.

  7. Jenny permalink

    so cool delicous

  8. Jenna permalink

    you should open one up in chicago and by the navy base get plenty locals there

  9. Joyce Flack permalink

    L and L belongs in Orlando Florida. We are as tropical as Hawaii. Please consider coming to the East Coast. We need good bbq.

  10. Kia permalink

    CRAVING L&L and I cant get any. I lived on the island of oahu for 9 years and had to
    move to the mainland when I was 11 cuz my tutu ruth died. We used to go to L&L everyday and I love the chicken katsu and mac salad. We need L&L in DC ASAP

  11. KMosley permalink

    Please open one in the ATL and not Marietta or Roswell!!!!

  12. Janine permalink

    Need a L&L in Arlington, TX. I don’t ever go to Plano much. Please Please Please. This is like comfort food for me.

  13. Stephanie Aristei permalink

    I really think an L & L Hawaiian Barbecue would be really successful in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s a very cute college town surrounded with thousands of college students from the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. A lot of people I have spoken to have never tried Hawaiian food before so I’m almost positive it would be a good investment.

  14. Sheree Harrell permalink

    How about one in Gainesville, Florida??? I miss my L&L!!

  15. Sean permalink

    Chicago has something close enough – Look for Aloha Eats on Clark – The Chicken Katsu is dope…a bit pricey to do all the time, but if you’re ono for plate lunch and some Aloha Maid juice, it’ll do.

  16. Kai is right. We really need one in Chicago. Fantastic food.

  17. Matt permalink

    Come to Boston–I need my loco moco!

  18. MSU East Lansing Michigan!!!!!! BRING BACK MY L&L!!!!!

  19. Roseann permalink

    No. Virginia really needs one!!! We lived in Ventura and I miss your food!!! Anywhere in Alexandria, VA or Arlington, VA would be a perfect place for your restaurant or in DC!!! We need you here!!

  20. David & Celeste permalink

    Great food at a great price……….
    Need a few in San Antonio, Texas.

  21. Jim permalink

    We had one in Connecticut!! I guess it closed. When’ll Florida get them??

  22. Illinois Needs One. Loved.. Loved.. LOVED chicken katsu with rice and noodles. Please open one here, and ill be a customer for life.

  23. Amandalm permalink

    Please bring one to VA!

  24. jasmyne permalink

    PLZ!!!! I’m Jasmyne-acacia I was born in hawaii and I’m american samoan and I’m moving to el paso texas on my birthday! I’m turning 13 and i would love it if a L&Ls in el paso! Last summer I went to oceanside cali and had L&Ls everyday for two weeks :) it was great I always ate here when I lived back in hawaii! I love it! I miss it and I want it!!!

  25. Pakalolo Ellie permalink

    We could use L & Ls in every state really that way I can have it no matter what state I live in lol But Missouri & Florida would be super-awesome-riffic, PLEASE!?

  26. William Thomas permalink

    I second the motion of getting one in Florida.

    How about opening one up in Orlando? That way when I take my kids to Disney I can get me some L&L

    Serve up them Short Ribs…..hmmmm….hmmmm…..good.

  27. Panda permalink

    Pleaseeee bring these to the DC area! I’ve been to the one in Maui and San Diego…Pina Coladas and BBQ Chicken all around!!

  28. Pris permalink

    Please please please bring an L&L to Florida!!! Want in south Florida but willing to drive anywhere in FL for some chicken katsu and mac salad!

  29. kai permalink

    Really need one in Chicago, IL

  30. Earle permalink

    Need a few in el paso tx around fort bliss area.

  31. Audy permalink

    We need one in Livermore, CA. We are HUNGRY for L&L!!!!

  32. dale permalink

    Eh bra need the kind ono food here in Jacksonville fl.

  33. cody permalink

    We need one in myrtle beach .the food I
    S ono

  34. cody permalink

    I love the food and I really think myrtle beach sc could use one

  35. Stephen Veverka permalink

    lived in Hawaii 18 yrs.
    need an L&L in San Antonio, Tx.
    the one in plano is good, have eaten there, several times.
    They catered my daughter’s 18th bday, who was born in hawaii.

  36. Need to open an L&L in Jacksonville, FL. Please!!! It’s been a while since I had my favorite BBQ plate mix and chicken katsu.

  37. Andrew permalink

    I’ve been cravin… need on in Florida

  38. Alaura permalink

    can’t believe we have one in American SAMOA…. DIG DAT!

  39. KAREN permalink

    we need an l&l in ensenada baja mex

  40. yvette permalink

    we need an L&L’s in columbus, GA or ATL, GA…..I miss the food esp musubi :( MAHALO

  41. Aaron permalink

    I lived in Hawaii for 2 years. I loved l & l. I was so happy when a branch opened in Aurora, Co. I had missed their great food for so many years. So as you can imagine. I was there on opening day. I introduced my wife to it in Las Vegas when we were getting married. Now she too is addicted to l & l. We live in Omaha, ne. We really need an l & l out here in Omaha. I believe l & l would succeed anywhere it goes.

  42. Kahiwalani permalink

    We need some good food in St. Louis. L & L should bring St.Louis a little island style, I miss home!!

  43. Cesar Lopez permalink

    how about a LnL in tijuana..=)
    it would be tired of chinese food

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