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The L&L Menu

Combination Plates
L&L Hawaiian BBQ Mix®
Ahearty mix of tasty L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® beef, chicken, & short ribs all served hot and fresh, just for you.
Hawaiian Plate (Lau Lau & Kalua Pork)
A Hawaiian tradition. Hefty pork chuck wrapped with taro leaf, steamed to perfection, and served with savory, smoky-flavored Kalua pork.
Seafood Mix
Fried shrimp & Mahi Mahi with your choice of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® beef, chicken, or short ribs. All made to order!
Beef & Pork Plates

Hawaiian BBQ Beef
Thinly sliced barbecue beef, marinated with our special L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® teriyaki sauce.
Loco Moco
Savory, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® hamburger patties placed over rice, covered with brown gravy and topped with 2 eggs. Served island style…a local favorite!
Kalua PorkSmoke-flavored, succulent shredded pork slowly roasted to a flavorful finish and mixed with cabbage.
Chicken Plates
Hawaiian BBQ ChickenGrilled boneless chicken marinated in our special L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® sauce. Chicken Katsu

Tender pieces of boneless chicken coated with special seasoning and deep-fried, served with our special L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® Chicken Katsu sauce. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s® best seller!

More Hawaiian BBQ Dishes

A block of rice with your choice of meat, wrapped in flavored, dry seaweed. Available with SPAM®, Portuguese sausage, chicken katsu, or barbecue chicken. A local favorite!

SaiminSpecially prepared noodles mixed with L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® broth. Available with grilled SPAM®, chicken katsu, Hawaiian Barbecue(SM) chicken, vegetable, fried shrimp, or L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® beef. Burgers

We have a variety of delicious burgers featuring many of our L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® meats!